Our Xcelerators

Accelerating Transformation, Empowering Teams and Unlocking Innovation

Stakeholder Management

Nurture long term relationships and ensure seamless communication with stakeholders to align goals and drive project success.

Sales Empowerment

Boost sales performance by leveraging data-driven forecasts and insights, managing leads effectively, and nurturing customer relationships.

Certifications Management

Seamlessly process applications and issue certifications, ensuring a streamlined and compliant certification management process

Work Orders Management

Manage the complete work order lifecycle from intake and dispatch to work order completion, enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Non Profit

Seamlessly manage donor relationships, facilitate donations, coordinate volunteers, and fundraising campaigns with the Non-Profit Xcelerator.

Project Management

Streamline project operations, increase profitability with easy contract management and ensure timely project delivery.

Appointments Booking

Simplify appointment scheduling with an intuitive interface, ensuring a smooth booking experience for both staff and customers.

Licenses Management

Facilitate the application, processing, and issuance of licenses to individuals or organizations, ensuring adherence to organizational standards.

Inspections Management

Schedule and complete inspections effortlessly using a mobile app, ensuring thorough inspections and compliance with organizational standards.

Property Management

Experience a holistic approach to property management by combining tenant onboarding, maintenance requests and rental payments.

Customer Service

Enhance customer satisfaction by providing prompt and personalized resolutions, while efficiently managing requests.

HR Case Management

Manage HR cases effectively with a structured process, ensuring timely resolution and compliance with organizational policies.

Applications Management

Enable online application submissions while streamlining the application processing workflow for your staff, ensuring timely and accurate processing.

Customer Portal

Self-service portal for customers to submit service requests, view invoices and update account information, enhancing customer engagement.


Manage subscriptions, leverage beautiful pre-designed marketing forms and email templates to accelerate your Marketing campaigns.

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