5 Tips for Optimizing Dynamics 365 Implementation Costs

Power x 365 - 5 Tips for Optimizing Dynamics 365 Implementation Costs

You know that feeling when you buy something new, and you’re overwhelmed with all its features? The urge to try them all and discover the full potential of your purchase can be irresistible. Now imagine that new purchase is Dynamics 365 – a comprehensive suite of business applications offered by Microsoft. With so many facets and features, the cost of deployment can escalate quickly. But what if there was a way to optimize your costs and still get the best out of the solution?

1. The Art of Starting SmallUnfold the Mystery One Layer at a Time

Ever walked into a room where a magic show is in full swing? You’d probably want to sit, watch and let the act develop instead of rushing on stage. Similarly, Dynamics 365 is a tapestry of features, and it’s best to introduce yourself to it slowly.

  • Prioritize: Determine which modules of Dynamics 365 are most pertinent to your business. Begin with these. As your organization grows accustomed to these modules, consider expanding.
  • Customization with Caution: While customization is tempting (who doesn’t like a tailored suit?), it’s also expensive. Stick to the out-of-the-box features initially. Later, as you discern the actual needs from the nice-to-haves, invest in customization.

2. Training is an Investment, Not an Expense – Teach a Man to Fish…

If you give an artist a new palette but don’t show them the potential of each color, they might just stick to their old favorites. Similarly, investing in a powerful tool like Dynamics 365 without proper training is a lost opportunity.

  • Use Microsoft’s Resources: Microsoft offers a wealth of training materials, tutorials, and forums. Before looking elsewhere or hiring external consultants, make use of these free or affordable resources.
  • Regular Workshops: Instead of a one-off training session, have regular workshops. As your team gets more familiar with the software, they’ll have fresh questions. Address these in subsequent sessions.

3. Choose the Right Licensing ModelA Seat at the Right Table

Imagine being at a grand feast but seated at the kids’ table. You’d miss out on the gourmet dishes. Picking the right license for Dynamics 365 ensures you don’t pay for more than you consume.

  • Assess User Needs: Not every employee needs a full-access license. Distinguish between light and heavy users, and choose licenses accordingly.
  • Stay Updated: Microsoft often revises its licensing models. Keep an eye on these changes; there might be a newer, more cost-effective option available.

4. Keep an Eye on Third-Party Integrations A Dance of Collaboration

Sometimes, in the world of software, getting two tools to waltz together seamlessly is the key to efficiency. But remember, every integration comes with its price tag.

  • Essential Integrations Only: It’s tempting to integrate Dynamics 365 with every tool you use. But assess if each integration adds tangible value.
  • Monitor Ongoing Costs: Some integrations might have recurring costs. Be wary of these, especially if the integration is not crucial.

5. Regularly Review and Refine The Act of Fine-Tuning

The best musicians fine-tune their instruments before every performance. In the same vein, regular reviews of your Dynamics 365 deployment can help you keep costs in check.

  • Unused Features: Over time, you might discover that certain features or modules are hardly used. Consider discontinuing or downgrading these.
  • Feedback Loop: Encourage employees to provide feedback. They’re the daily users and might have insights into inefficiencies or superfluous features.


Deploying Dynamics 365 is like orchestrating a grand show. With the right balance of prudence and ambition, you can ensure that this performance not only dazzles your audience (read: stakeholders and employees) but also doesn’t break the bank. With these tips in hand, take the stage and let the magic unfold.

If you are looking for some help with your Dynamics 365 implementation, our experienced resources can help you meet your objectives at a fraction of the cost. Contact us today!

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